Wolf Tooth Flexor Glove - Wolf tooth

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Stay comfortable and ride in style with Wolf Tooth Flexor Gloves. Features moisture-wicking, 4-way-stretch woven spandex that pulls sweat away from your skin. The palm is built to be tough and breathable with Amara material for abrasion resistance and it still feels tactile on the bars. Silicone grippers on the palm and fingers for added dexterity on levers and a touch-screen index finger.

  • 4-way-stretch woven spandex glove bak and articulated fingers for flexibility and fit

  • Amara palm and double stitch thumb reinforcement for durability

  • Touch-screen Ax Suede patch

  • Silicone Gripper palm and fingers provide a superior grip

  • Neoprene cuff for a comfortable and secure fit 



  • Machine wash and air dry

Tech Specs

    Weight: ~43g
    Material: Spandex | Silicone | Ax Suade | Neoprene