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Foam inserts for tubeless tyres aren’t a new concept—pro enduro and downhill racers like Aaron Gwin have run them for the past couple seasons, and brands like CushCore and Schwalbe have launched versions for the rest of us. But Vittoria says its new Airliner is easier to install than competing offerings—it comes in one length for you to cut to size, pops onto most rim beds easily, and is secured with a simple zip-tie.

The Airliner provides a layer of EVA foam that supports a tubeless tire to prevent burping and bottom-outs on hard impacts, and also allows a rider to roll for some distance after a flat (pro racer Adam Morse was able to finish the final three minutes of an EWS stage on a flat tire thanks to his Airliner, says Ken Avery, Vittoria VP of marketing and product).

It’s compatible with all styles of valve stems, and an air channel allows the tire tread to stay supple and grippy. Because it protects against burps and rim hits, the Airliner also allows the rider to run lower tire pressure for more traction—one of Vittoria’s testers went from 25 psi to 16 psi on 2.35-inch wide tires. The Airliner weighs 140 grams.

Air-Liner is designed considering all the demands of each mountain bike discipline:

  • Size S – Cross-Country / Marathon – from 1.9” to 2.2”
  • Size M – All Mountain / Enduro – from 2.25” to 2.5”
  • Size L – Enduro / Plus – from 2.5” to 2.7”
  • Size XL – Plus / Fat – from 2.7” to 4.0”

Air-Liner can be used on both standard wheels and tubeless-ready wheels, with both tubeless and tubeless-ready tires, and with any type of sealant – preferably without ammonia. In addition, it fits any type of valve for tubeless. 

Air-Liner advantages are countless:

  • More grip, in both climbing and descent
  • Enhanced rim protection
  • Allows for lower tire pressures
  • Prevents burping effect
  • Prevents bead breaking
  • Absorbs high-frequence vibrations. Comfort increased.
  • Allows for tires with lighter casing

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