SPEEDPLAY ZERO style cleats

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With the introduction of the Zero Aero Walkable Cleats, Speedplay has added another level of innovation to their Zero pedal and cleat systems

(Nanogram, Titanium, Stainless or Pavé).  Speedplay has designed what they deem as the first “truly walkable” cleats for road pedals.  This cleat system features integrated rubberized covers that stay on when riding and improve traction while walking.  Walking traction is improved by both the incredibly grippy rubberized cover tread as well as the design of the cleat and cover profile itself; the thin and contoured shape of the cleat/cover makes walking easier and more natural.  While providing a better platform for walking, these covers remain streamlined and feature a dimpled surface to improve aerodynamics while riding.  The durable cleat cover also serves as protection for the cleats while walking, greatly reducing wear.  In addition, the rubber cover material is non-marking, leaving floors scuff-free.  To further protect the cleats from the elements while walking in less-than-ideal conditions, each cleat set includes a pair of Speedplay’s “Cleat Buddies”.  These small plugs can be fit into the cleat’s center cavity, preventing contamination from debris while walking.  When the time comes to hop back on the bike, these compact plugs can be easily removed, the two plugs can then be snapped together for easy transport in a pocket or saddle bag.

The Zero Aero Walkable Cleats are available in yellow and include cleats, aero covers, plugs, shims, and all necessary mounting hardware.  The cleat weight (with cover) for a 3-hole set-up is 138 grams per pair, and for a 4-hole set-up the weight is 100 grams.  The covers are also available separately (they can be selected as such from the drop down options menu on this page).

The Pavé Cleats are the same as the Zero Aero Walkable cleats and can be used interchangeably, they include cleats, aero covers, plugs, shims, all necessary mounting hardware, and a cleat protector shim kit to prevent wear on carbon soles and cleats.

Also of note: Aero and Pavé cleats are not compatible with Ultra Light Action and X-Series pedals.