r.s.p Damp Champ Suspension Fluid 250ml

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Description of r.s.p. Damp Champ Suspension Fluid 250 ml

Damp Champ is a specially developed, fully synthetic fork and shock absorber fluid for every challenge. Anti-foam and wear-protection additives ensure that you can use your bike easily and hassle-free on every terrain. 

It’s easy: Select your Damp Champ in the appropriate viscosity from 2.5 WT - 15 WT according to the specifications of the manufacturer of your shock absorber system. Now exchange the used oil in your shock absorber system for the Damp Champ fluid as prescribed by the manufacturer. Get the maximum out of your shock absorber system and lubricate the moving parts and seals as prescribed by your manufacturer with r.s.p. Slick Kick grease. 

Damp Champ is long-lasting and provides top performance for your shock absorbers. Protect our environment - recycle used oil.