r.s.p Lefty Service kit

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Lefty Service Kit is the one from r. s. p. Designed and built in collaboration with Cannondale for cleaning and maintaining your Lefty Hybrid suspension fork from 2013 onwards. The service kit consists of 50 ml Lefty Clean and 10 ml Lefty Lube.

Lefty Clean removes the lubricating oil in your Lefty fork and prepares it for lubrication with fresh Lefty Lube. 
Lefty Lube is the friction-reducing lubricant for your Lefty Hybrid suspension fork.

The Lefty Service Kit brings longevity and performance to your Lefty Hybrid suspension fork 2013 model.

Attention! Observe the manufacturer's instructions for the 100-hour service of the Hybrid Needle Bearing System.

Professional tip: For lubrication of the Durathon Sealing System we recommend r. s. p. Slick kick.