Redshift Dual Position Seatpost

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Best position for every part of the ride.

The patent-pending Redshift Sports Dual-Position Seatpost lets you switch your saddle on-the-fly between a normal road position and an aero position that's similar to the setup of a tri bike. The steeper effective seat tube angle opens up your hip angle and maintains proper leg extension, letting you ride more comfortably and efficiently in the aero position. Riding a long flat into a headwind? Shift the saddle forward and drop into a wind-cheating aero position. Grinding up a steep climb? Shift the saddle backward and spin comfortably in the road position.

The seatpost is designed to maintain the same pedal-to-saddle length in both positions, ensuring proper leg extension in the road and aero riding positions. Also, since some riders prefer more forward saddle tilt while riding in an aero position, the seatpost includes an additional adjustment that tilts the saddle forward by up to five degrees when you move from the road to the aero position. The mechanism is completely stable in both positions - a spring-loaded stop holds it securely in place until you decide to change positions.

Together with the Redshift Sports Quick-Release Aerobars (sold separately), the Dual-Position Seatpost gives you a truly integrated aero position, without compromising your normal road setup.

Available in both Aluminium and Carbon. The post is 27.2 mm in diameter by 350 mm in length. Shims can be used to adapt the seatpost to bikes with larger seatpost diameters. The seatpost accepts saddles with standard round 7 mm saddle rails.

Aluminium:  400g including all hardware.

Carbon: 340g including all hardware.