DumondeTech Pro X Liquid Grease

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Dumonde Tech’s PRO X Liquid Grease is a very high performing replacement for traditional viscosity grease. PRO X Liquid Grease using our MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds that greatly reduces the coefficient of friction. PRO X Liquid Grease polymerizes and bonds to the surfaces which provides extremely low drag, high sheer strength and protection. PRO X Liquid Grease will migrate to heat to provide lubrication at critical areas.

PRO X Liquid Grease is highly recommended for steel and ceramic cartridge bearing. Waterproof, which protects bearings from corrosion. Hybrid (Ceramic balls, steel races) bearings are prone to corrosion and wear without a lubricant. PRO X Liquid Grease is the perfect solution. PRO X Liquid Greaseessentially eliminates drag that grease packed steel bearings experience. You will have a drag free bearing, especially in freezing temperatures.

Great for suspension fork legs, full suspension pivots, wheel bearings, roller bearing and jockey wheels.

Can be used as a chain lube for very extreme muddy conditions of mountain bike and cyclocross riding or racing.

PRO X Liquid Grease can be used with our PRO X MR Grease to add viscosity if needed.

Our MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds have been in development for over 10 years by Dumonde Tech Design Group. MRCC technology provides premium lubrication by reducing friction better than other lubricants. Lighter viscosity while maintaining high protection. The increase in adhesion creates higher film strength. Originally developed for our Motorsports lubrications, MRCC, is incorporated into our revolutionary PRO X bicycle lubricants. Everyone who has tested or raced using PRO X, report that it performance better then any other lube they have ever used.


–  PRO X reduces resistance and reduces watts used.
–  PRO X products have no shipping restrictions, can be sent any where in the world by air or ground.
–  PRO X  has low VOC’s.

Motorsport use: Seals that contact rotating surfaces. Motorcycle, Micro Sprint, Mini Sprint, Kart and skateboard wheel bearing.