Derby Wide Carbon Rims (MTB)

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The  wider sidewall raises the edge knobs without raising the center knobs, which makes a less round or more "square" tread cross-section profile.

Also the tire casing tension under the edge knobs is increased to be firmer, increasing the tire's stability, and allows lower tire pressure when desired for less rolling resistance over rough terrain from increased bump compliance, and a larger tire patch when weighting the tires while braking and cornering.

Cornering traction is much improved on dusty hardpack to very loose gravelly dirt or loamy covered with leaves, as a result of this combination of flatter tread cross section, stiffer edge knobs, more knobs in contact, and lower air pressure, all enabled with wide  rims.

Changing direction has quicker response with the more stable and firmer structural tire edge with wide rims, without feeling harsh and choppy, and no more sudden washing-out of the front wheel, or as easily skidding the rear tire while cornering.

The whole bike becomes more stable on wide rims, feeling like a longer wheelbase bike in directional control but with quicker more positive turn response for more nimble handling and corning grip. Holding a line over loose round rocks though "rock gardens" becomes much easier, without getting kicked side to side when not centered over each loose rock.

The result of going to wide rims with the same tires is immediate increase in confidence while riding loose dusty, gravely, rocky, and wet conditions; enabling higher speeds, harder braking, and more precise and predictable cornering.

"29" (700c)  x 35mm

XC, AM, DH layup options - for 2.0 to 2.8 tires

Weight +/-10: 460g [XC] or 485g [ All-Mountain or 525g [Downhill]

BSD: 622mm

Outer width: 35mm

Inner width: 29mm

ERD: 582mm (DH add 1mm) – Always measure to confirm

29r AM Rim impact force test: 224KgF (494lbs, cracks at valve hole, 90' from force)

29r AM Spoke pull force test: 326KgF (719lbs, spoke broke, no rim damage)

"27.5" (650b)  x 40mm

AM, DH layup options - for 2.2 to 3.0 tires

Weight +/-10: 465g [All-Mountain] or 545g [Downhill]

BSD: 584mm

Outer width: 40mm

Inner width: 34mm

ERD: 542mm (DH add 1mm) – Measure to confirm

AM Rim impact force test: 267KgF (588lbs, cracks at valve hole, 90' from force)

"27.5" x 50mm

AM layup - for 2.8 to 3.5 tires

Weight +/-10: 530g [All-Mountain]

BSD: 584mm

Outer width: 50mm

Inner width: 44mm

ERD: 538mm – Measure to confirm

Spokes off-set from rim center: 5mm

AM Spoke pull force test: 352KgF (775lbs, spoke broke, no rim damage)

"29" x 45mm

XC, AM layup options - for 2.5 to 3.2 tires

Weight +/-15: 520g [XC or AM] 

BSD: 622mm

Outer width: 45mm

Inner width: 39mm

ERD: 582mm – Always measure to confirm

Spokes off-set from rim center: 5mm

29rx45 XC Rim impact force test: 436KgF (961lbs, cracks at valve hole, 90' from force)

29rx45 XC Spoke pull force test: 325KgF (717lbs, spoke broke, no rim damage)