BarBag - Wolf tooth

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BarBag attaches to your handlebars and allows for quick access to stored items like fuel, phone, or wallet while navigating rugged terrain.

  • Easy to flip open with one hand (even while wearing bulky gloves) and it with MagCro® it closes just as simply.

  • 3 points of connection for all-terrain stability

  • Clear lid helps you see supplies while riding

  • Installs quickly to your handlebar & stem


  • Flat or riser handlebar
  • 17-18 cm of open space available on your handlebar
  • 50 mm or longer stem
  • GPS/Bike Computer bumper provided for spacing the bag away from the stem

Tech Specs

Weight:  98g
Dimensions: 16 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm and 7 cm deep (0.6 liter capacity) (trapezoidal shape)