Argon AHB5000 Handlebar

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About Argon 18 AHB5000 Aero Integrated Handlebar

Aero advantages and high levels of adjustment make the Argon 18 AHB5000 handlebars a piece of your speed arsenal.

A massive development for Argon 18 is the AHB5000 aero handlebar, which is the company's proprietary cockpit setup that aims to provide an energy-saving advantage through better aerodynamics.

Carbon construction makes the new AHB5000 aero handlebar lightweight, providing a sleek new frontal surface for the Nitrogen frame, which offers the benefits of a one-piece system but with more adjustability.

With a jaw clamp system within the built-in stem, a single M8 bolt adjusts the length of the stem thanks to a 20mm spacer (included with the Nitrogen Pro frame). A dust cap covering the jaw clamp prevents contaminants compromising the integrity of the system.

There are also computer mount drillings under the front of the handlebars, to further integrate the cockpit and offer aerodynamic savings; the overall setup offers a drag saving of 30% compared to a standard, round bar and stem offering.

Engineered to minimize the frontal area and maximize airflow, the new AHB5000 carbon handlebar is an aerodynamic, ergonomic, sleek and fully integrated solution. It offers the superior performance of a one-piece (30% aerodynamic gain over traditional round handlebars) with all the same adjustment options as a stem and standard handlebar combo.