Argon 18 E119T Top Tube Triathlon Nutrition Box

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About Argon 18 E119T Top Tube Triathlon Nutrition Box

The Argon 18 E119T Seatpost with Tailwind Triathlon Assembly integrates a hydration, nutrition and survival storage solution designed for the ultimate Argon 18 triathlon bike E-119 Tri+.

Argon 18 has provided an aerodynamic advantage during races and training which is entirely integrated and customisable for every rider's needs. Gives the bike a sleek look by integrating the accessories in its design.


Top Tube Box - Bolted onto the top tube to store nutrition. Easy access via lid.

Tall Stem Cap - The Box requires the Tall Stem Cap for optimal aerodynamics. A jigsaw between the head tube (same width) and Box (same height) for a sleek look.

Installation Instructions - Refer to Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ Assembly Guide.

What's in the Box?

Top Tube Box

More About The Manufacturer Argon 18

Argon 18 is a Canadian cycle manufacturer founded in 1989 by Gervais Rioux in Montreal, Quebec. The name is derived from the element, which is number 18 on the periodic table of elements; it's also one of six natural noble gases. After retiring as a rider, ex-Olympian Rioux opened a bike shop, where the brand was born. In 2001 they produced their first carbon frame and the brand is now distributed in 31 countries. Argon 18 sponsors German pro cycling team Bora-Argon 18 and debuted at the Tour de France in 2015.