Wren high volume MTB frame pump

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High Pressure MTB Frame Pump

Wren is ready to Pump, You Up!

Finally, a totally self-contained frame pump with no loose parts or adaptors to fumble with or lose.

Wren Boost frame pumps come with our patented MiX Head. MiX makes switching between Presta and Schrader valves quick and easy. Simply turn the knob clockwise until it stops for Schrader, or counter-clockwise for Presta. That’s it! No adaptors to carry or reverse. Nothing to lose.

And that’s not all… our hose stays attached to and stores inside the barrel. Simply unscrew the MiX Head and pull out the hose. You’re ready to pump! The hose is a full 8” in length with 3 points of rotation at head, hose and handle making your job a lot easier. Wren Boost pumps come with a mounting bracket including safety strap to keep the pump secure.

Wren Boost frame pumps have full aluminum body construction for durability, and corrosion resistance. Handles are knurled for a sure grip.


Wren Boost MTB/Fat Bike – High Volume
Material: Full Aluminum body construction for durability and corrosion resistance. Knurled handle for grip.
Capacity: 90psi / 6.2bar, high capacity for MTB tires
Weight: 4.375 ounces / 124 grams
Pump Length: 9.5″ / 241 mm closed
Hose Length: 8″ / 203 mm extended
Valve: Patented MIX Head – Presta or Schrader
​Mount: Bracket with safety strap