Wren Boost floor pump

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The Wren Boost floor pump is the perfect pump for both high volume and high-pressure situations.

Wren Boost Floor Pump

The Wren Boost floor pump is the perfect pump for both high volume and high-pressure situations.

The Wren Boost floor pump is constructed from lightweight aluminum for durability, and corrosion resistance. Our handle is shaped for a sure, comfortable grip.

The extra long hose is kept secure in a keeper for easy transport and to keep the valve head safe and clean. Our extra wide, flat base keeps the pump stable and the 2.5” analog gauge is easy to read and shows both psi and bar measurements.

The Wren Boost floor pump comes with our L-Turn head and patented air-release button for easy pressure adjustments without removing the valve. The reversible head makes switching between Presta and Schrader valves quick and easy and its narrow shape gets into tight places.

So whether you are filling high volume fat tires or high-pressure road tires, Wren Boost floor pumps will pump you up!


Wren Boost Floor Pump
Model: WPF100K
Max Pressure: 220 psi /15 bar
Material: Lightweight aluminum
Valve: Presta or Schrader