Reverse Seat Clamp w QR

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Reverse Components
Originating from the black forest reverse components 'is a components manufacturer, they have specialised from day one on mountain bike parts, with the extreme demands of all mountain way through to the extreme downhill in terms of performance, durable, Compatible and robust to be. Modernity and stylish design of the product are also extremely important and is gives you the reverse has a product range containing over 850 different coloured products for mountain bikes. Be part of the reverse family.
Al 7075/brass clamping plate
The reverse Long Life seat post clamp definitely stays true to its name.
The special brass clamping plate ensures a secure clamp. The Great sliding properties of brass mean that the clamp is easy to open and close even under adverse conditions such as mud and dust.
What's more, brass clamping plates are much more durable than standard plastic clamping plates. This means you can enjoy your product for longer.
Size: 34.9 mm
5 mm Allen screw/quick release
Weight: 46g