R1 Aero Kabuto Helmet 2019

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OGK Kabuto Aero R1 Helmet New Edition

The flagship OGK Kabuto road helmet which is engineered to be lightweight and aerodynamic. Weighing at 205g for size small to medium and 235g for size large to extra large. The Aero R1 comes with tinted magnetic visor shield which cyclist can make full use during sunny or windy ride. With magnetic visor shield, it will auto align with the helmet. When not in use, the visor shield can be magnetically put upright position.

Wake stabilizer controls wake turbulence at the rear of the helmet and creates smooth tear-drop shape airflow. Short tale road helmet to minimize the friction of air same as long tale shape helmet. High efficient ventilation design focusing on vents sizes and position. Added to it with deeper air route to ventilate air flow inside the helmet to exhaust hot air inside the helmet. Balance between ventilation and aero dynamics.

Now with new exciting designs!

  • Small/Medium(S/M) or Large/Extra large(L/XL)
  • 205g (S/M) & 235g (L/XL)
  • 14 Air vents
  • Wake stabilizer controls wake turbulence at the rear of the helmet and create smooth air flow
  • Magnetic shield easy to attach and detach by magnets, friendly with eye wear
  • Optimal air route to balance air flow inside the helmet and minimizing its effect on aerodynamic
  • Normal inner pad focusing on aerodynamics
  • MOFF Ultra thin chin strap with instant deodorizing material
  • Eye wear stopper structure for holding eye wear
  • XF-7 Adjuster with 3 levels of up and down fine adjustment
  • Anti insect net included