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Kabuto Flair - Lightest helmet in Kabuto history!

Designed to be lightweight, OGK Kabuto Flair is one of the lightest road helmet range. Flair helmet shell has a punched out designed through the polycarbonate shell accentuates the outlook of the helmet while reducing it weight. Two kind of fitting adjuster is included, With the standard XF-7 fitting adjuster and SLW-1 super light fitting adjuster for the climatic battle. It is engineered to function the adjustment fitting to be simple and reduce excess weight as much as possible.

Not just only about lightweight helmet, Flair has a superior air route from every direction to reduce drag. With radial air intake structure, the Flair flows the air from every direction even at lower speed which enables smooth ventilation of hot air inside the helmet.

Fitting notes: Asian Fits

  • Small/Medium (S/M) or Large/Extra Large (L/XL)
  • 187g (S/M) & 194g (L/XL)
  • 24 main air vents
  • Superior air route to reduce drag and heat
  • Forehead shape designed for better vision at climbing
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Normal inner pad focusing on aerodynamics
  • MOFF Ultra thin chin strap with instant deodorizing material
  • Eye wear stopper structure for holding eye wear
  • XF-7 Adjuster with 3 levels of up and down fine adjustment and includeSLW-1 super light adjuster
  • Anti insect net included