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BIKEPRO. Pedaling − Perfected.

You become one with your bike. Your legs simply never get tired. BIKEPRO is the secret weapon in your shoe! It helps stabilize your knee movements, boosts your muscle efficiency and accelerates your muscular regeneration. Magic? No: Scientific research shows that BIKEPRO can help you perform better than ever on your bike. A whole new dimension in pedal power!

Perfect for...

The BIKEPRO sole is perfectly suited for the following activities:

  • Road bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Triathlon
  • BMX



Why currexSole:

  • the only insoles designed solely for sport.
  • available in three different arch profiles: Low, Medium and High .
  • individualise your footwear to increase comfort and fit.
  • enhance your body's own natural cushioning ability.
  • allow your feet to flex naturally.
  • guide your feet better and longer, reducing fatigue.
  • help to reduce risk of injury, pain and blisters.
  • have a patented DAT (Dynamic Arch Technology) to match your particular foot type.
  • improve the function of your body's own shock absorption system.
  • reduce moisture and odors.
  • are the lightest functional insoles on the market
  • easy to fit - simply TRIM TO FIT.