Wren suspension fork, 110mm hub, 150mm travel, 570AC, tapered, carbon bash guards

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WREN MTB Suspension Fork

The Inverted Design

The Inverted fork design simply works better. By inverting the fork so that the lighter stanchions are on the bottom, we reduce the mass of the moving part of the fork so that it will react quicker and easier to the trail. Inverting also anchors the stanchions into the stronger, larger upper tubes and crown making the overall chassis much stronger and stiffer. It also lowers the fulcrum point where the uppers join the stanchions compared to other fork designs decreasing the leverage factor. Inverting also positions the seals downward so that all kinds of bad stuff doesn’t sit on them and get pulled into your fork.

The Wren TwinAir System

The Wren TwinAir System is designed to fine tune the ride of the fork using only your air pump. No dis-assembly required. The TwinAir system is considered a single positive air chamber and is located at the bottom of the air side stanchion. We divide this chamber in half using a floating piston. There are individual air valves for the top and bottom chambers. By dividing the one large volume into two smaller volumes, the forces necessary to move the air are reduced allowing the fork to begin moving easier and faster. Because the piston floats, air pressure will equalize on either side of the piston as you add or release air, but the volumes of each chamber will change. More air in the top chamber will increase its volume relative to the bottom chamber and the fork will exhibit a more plush ride. If the bottom chamber volume is larger relative to the top, the fork will exhibit a stiffer, more progressive ride.

Keyed Stanchions

Keyed Stanchions keep Wren suspension forks running true and prevent the stanchions from turning. The 43mm beefy uppers are channeled to accept brass keys that fit to our oversize 36mm stanchions. The keys perfectly align the stanchions in the uppers and are designed to shear should you take a really big hit. This protects the channels and your fork from damage.  The fork will still function and the keys are easily replaced.