r.s.p. Microcleaner

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r.s.p. Microcleaner is the most efficient bike component cleaner with integrated cleaning preparation. Thanks to its unique and innovate design, r.s.p. Microcleaner is extremely economical, which means that the 10litres of cleaning fluid go a long way. r.s.p. Microcleaner is compact and is made from plastic-coated steel sheets, making it perfectly suitable for your workbench or for wall mounting. The cleaning postal with brush attachment enables quick, efficient cleaning of all components. r.s.p. Microcleaner is made in Austria. 

It's easy: Fill your Microclean with the 10 litre canister of r.s.p. Bike&Chain Cleaner. Place the dirty component on the perforated grid and start cleaning by using the cleaning pistol.

Professional tip: Dispose the used cleaner directly into the empty 10litre of r.s.p. Bike&Chain Cleaner using the drainage tap.